CBC show All In A Weekend Interviews Nourishing Friends Authors

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The holidays are full of rich and sweet foods. But it’s probably a good idea not to give up healthy meals altogether.

Here’s a little inspiration for us. A new local cookbook called Nourishing Friends: Recipes for a Healthy Life offers whole foods & Mediterranean recipes, with an emphasis on disease prevention.

It’s got the backing of three medical specialists in Montreal and testimonials by celebrities like CFL star Anthony Calvillo, Lise Watier, and Celine Dion. All of the proceeds from the cookbooks go to the McGill University Health Centre and Anthony Calvillo’s charity for families dealing with cancer.

Nourishing Friends is the third fundraising cookbook project by author and fundraiser Karen Dubrofsky. Her co-author is Gigi Cohen, who is originally from Israel. She currently runs Juicy Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant on Montreal’s Monkland Boulevard and teaches organic cooking there. They join Sonali Karnick in studio.

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Andrew Carter Morning Show on CJAD – Karen Dubrofsky Guest Appearance

Last week, Nourishing Friends co-author Karen Dubrofsky made a guest appearance on Andrew Carter’s Morning Show on CJAD, where she discussed what went into the book and what inspired her to start the project. Click here to listen to the interview:

Andrew Carter Morning Show on CJAD – Karen Dubrofsky Guest Appearance

When asked for some of her favorite recipes from the book, she names the Ginger Tofu, Tofu Schnitzel (which she says often reminds people of breaded chicken), and the Soups. She also confirms that the Calvillos actually do eat this food, in addition to having endorsed the book.

When Andrew asks her for one easy recipe to make from the book that comes to mind, she cited the hearty Lima Bean Soup. Karen then goes on to discuss how easy-to-make the recipes in the book truly are, and how she continues to be blown away by co-author Gigi Cohen’s recipes. These are recipes devoid of chicken or beef, but do offer some unique ways of preparing fish, in addition to showing people what to do with quinoa, or what to do with grains to make them central points of a nourishing meal. When questioned on cost, Karen reassures Andrew and listeners that contrary to popular belief, a hearty recipe to feed an entire family can be assembled for no more than $5. Karen discusses how eating the way that is documented in Nourishing Friends enabled her to overcome a debilitating connective tissue disease, and leave prescription medication behind forever. As if that wasn’t enough, Karen admits that approximately 80% of recipes she cooks for her family come from Nourishing Friends.

Author Gigi Cohen guests on Passion with Dr. Laurie Betito from CJAD 800

Having appeared before on Dr. Laurie Betito’s sex-talk show Passion, author Gigi Cohen returns to discuss her new book Nourishing Friends, a healthy foods cookbook that focuses on anti-acid dishes to build strong minds and bodies and help fend off conditions such as fibromyalgia, exhaustion, and other common ailments. She also discusses the antioxidant properties of green coffee, and how foods like this improve circulation which is great for sex drive, clear skin, and general alertness and awareness.

Gigi addresses the high acidity level of animal products notably milk, and how what adult bodies need more of is pure water, vegetables, and other water-based foods. In the podcast, she replies to a number of phone calls and text messages from listeners asking her about nutrients such as where to find pure calcium sources, for which she recommends oatmeal and sesame butter or tahini as having the highest bioavailability of calcium.

Gigi operates the popular Cafe Juicy Lotus on Monkland Ave. in NDG, where she sells many of the products she emphasizes the benefits of on Dr. Laurie Betito’s show, including dark chocolate (high in antioxidants), high-protein pasta from Gogo Quinoa, and many more fresh and living products.

To increase energy in the evenings, she advises against eating heavily after 7pm in order to improve circulation. She then explains the significance of having gained the book Kosher certification, adding she would like to encourage more Jewish homes to try vegetarian and whole foods cooking in order to improve the health of families.

You can download or stream Gigi’s latest podcast below directly from Dr. Laurie Betito’s Passion podcast page on CJAD 800.

Nourishing Friends – Newtown Launch Party Recap

The best things often come only with time. Sometimes lots of it. Nourishing Friends, the whole foods & Mediterranean cookbook authored by Gigi Cohen & Karen Dubrofsky, was released earlier this month following nearly three years of hard work by the team of Karen, Gigi, Cedars, photographer Fahri Yavuz (pictured with Karen and the Calvillos at the end of this recap), Cassi Design, Into the Light Marketing, and generosity from Kaycan, TD Bank, Scotia McLeod, and many more. September 10th marked the official launch party at Newtown, the Crescent Street institution founded by Jacques Villeneuve, and by all accounts it was a gathering for the ages.Read More

The Suburban covers Nourishing Friends

Many thanks to Mike Cohen from The Suburban for his write-up on Nourishing Friends in his Community Scene column.

Calvillos quarterback new book on healthy eating

Everyone has been affected personally in one way or another by illness and/or cancer, and fundraiser Karen Dubrofsky is no stranger to this. Over the past decade, she has been a philanthropic powerhouse, raising over a million dollars for a variety of foundations and research centers in the process. Her latest venture is a hybrid Mediterranean & Natural Whole Foods cookbook centered around healthy foods to prevent disease. It’s called Nourishing Friends, a joint effort between Karen and author/health guru Gigi Cohen, creator of the book’s recipes. This is Karen’s third high-profile, non-profit cookbook venture. All of the proceeds from Nourishing Friends, which was launched last week, will benefit the Centre for Colon and Rectal Surgery at the McGill University Health Centre, and The Alexia & Anthony Calvillo Fund for Cedars CanSupport, which exists to help cancer patients and their families. Log on to

Nourishing Friends Arrives in the Hands of B.C. Lions GM Wally Buono

Wally Buono

by Karen Dubrofsky

A funny story from the Nourishing Friends launch party last night at Newtown in Montreal…

In the morning, a friend of mine read Herb Zurkowsky’s article in the Gazette about the b.c. Lions’ general manager asking Anthony Calvillo to sign a cookbook in the Alouettes’ locker room following their game at BC Place Stadium on September 8th. My quick-thinking friend immediately assumed it was Nourishing Friends, the cookbook I’ve been working on with Gigi Cohen, Cedars, and a handful of other dedicated souls for the past 3 years. While there was no mention in the article of the title of the book, my friend was so convinced that it was our book that I was compelled to get to the bottom of it. I racked my brains but still couldn’t answer the question: How did a cookbook get out West?Read More

Article from Canadian Jewish News – Healthy Eating

Article from Jewish News

Healthy Eating

Karen Dubrofsky, who has raised more than $1 million  in the past decade for cancer and autism research with her cookbooks, has a third one coming out Sept. 10, co-authored with healthy cooking and vegetarianism proponent Gigi Cohen. Nourishing Friends: Recipes for a Healthy Life stresses a Mediterranean cuisine using  natural whole foods. There are no meat or dairy ingredients, although fish is included. What’s more, everything is kosher and the book is endorsed by the Vaad Ha’ir. Its MK hechsher appears on the front cover, which features a photo of Montreal Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo and his wife, Alexis, both cancer survivors, as well as Dubrofsky and Cohen, in the kitchen. The hardcover book is fully illustrated with photography by Fahri Yavuz. Dubrofsky said all proceeds will go to the Centre for Colon and Rectal Surgery at the McGill University Health Centre and the Calvillos’ fund, Cedars CanSupport. Among the well-known personalities endorsing Nourishing Friends is singer Celine Dion, whose very personal letter is included.