Thank you to our new sponsor Gerry.

We have some pretty Exciting News that is so good for our project that we can’t keep it in. We have a Great client at CCM Garage Door, the best garage door repair company in OKC  that has been through a transformation. He and his wife are eating healthy and working on a better lifestyle and trying to help others get into that frame of mind. We all know how bad a craving can be if we let it get to us at night before bed. Or that piece of Pizza that is staring us in the face that won’t stop looking delicious. We hate you pizza. We really do… But with all that jibber jabber aside we are happy to announce that Curtis and his wife are both sponsoring us now and that is huge. We know that our recipes are doing them wonders and making them the people they want to be. We understand that they have had their issues like the rest of us. But, Hey who doesn’t like food. Do you get me? Okay great. So without further ado, we want to give a big shout out to those two for making us believers again.