Contest and Giveaway.

Update: Guys, We are having a contest and want everyone to join in on the Fun!!
Simply email us your Awesome recipes and we will enter your name into the contest. We give a shout out and a cool prize. Go here to enter.
Good luck and Thank you.
Okay, guys, we have a winner and they have probably one of the best laid out recipes we have seen in a minute.  The guys and girls at Dent Repair in OKC have sent us a delicious street taco recipe that they use every Saturday in their shop kitchen. The recipe consists of the finest barbacoa there is and plenty of homemade red sauce. The street tacos beef is grilled over charcoal and open flame with serranos and jalapenos. Grilled onions and bell peppers are also thrown into the mix. We are sending them a very cool set of silicon pot holders and a recipe book that we created as well. We will be sharing this little delish dish on soon to come recipes page. Stay tuned and we will have another contest very soon.